How Could So Many Supposedly Intelligent People Get It So Wrong?

One of the most pertinent and persistent questions these past couple of years is how the medical profession, made up of people with above average intelligence, get things so wrong. Am I making an erroneous assumption that doctors are intelligent? It is true that some get into medicine under dubious circumstances, but the doctors that I know are not stupid people.

There are different forms of intelligence. Some are highly analytical, others are highly visual and spatial—as Einstein was—, still others can think laterally—outside the box. To some extent, the nature of medical training inhibits thinking outside the box. I know from my chiropractic training, the reams of information one needs to memorize and recall is extensive. The anatomy and physiology of the human body is vast and recalling this information does take average to above average intelligence.

This brings me to Dr Aseem Molhatra, a prominent U.K. cardiologist. He has been making the rounds on the internet, stating that the Covid-19 jabs need to be stopped. He has written a paper to this effect entitled, Curing the pandemic of misinformation on Covid-19 mRNA vaccines through real evidence-based medicine.

Here is a short video of his current belief.

I don’t agree with all his statements about vaccines in his paper. However, for the Covid-19 “vaccine”, even for a thoroughly indoctrinated medical doctor, that is a bridge too far. Question: why did it take him so long to come to this conclusion when others, even non-medical people, could evaluate the vaccine data early in 2021 and conclude that they were not safe or effective?

I think there are 3 different reasons at work:

  1. Doctors are so indoctrinated through their training that they are unable nor willing to assess data that is so obvious to others.
  2. Like others, doctors fear losing their livelihood and prestige or being cancelled. Some are suffering from Mass Formation Psychosis, as described by Mathias Desmet.
  3. Some doctors are so into power, control and pomposity that they don’t even contemplate that they can be wrong. I have met some of these people. Anthony Fauci is a perfect example.

Another doctor who has seen the damage done by the Covid-19 shots is Dr James Thorp, who has 42 years of experience in obstetrics/gynaecology and is a Board Certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist. He has been speaking out and risks de-licensure as a top medical specialist. He has seen the damage to children both prenatally and to pregnant mothers. Recently, he co-authored the paper below comparing the Covid-19 shots to the flu shots. Dr Thorp by no means believes that flu shots are totally safe, but compared to the Covid shots, they are much less dangerous.

COVID-19 Vaccines: The Impact on Pregnancy Outcomes and Menstrual Function

Their conclusions in this study:

“Pregnancy and menstrual abnormalities are significantly more frequent following COVID-19 vaccinations than that of Influenza vaccinations. A worldwide moratorium on the use of COVID-19 vaccines in pregnancy is advised until randomized prospective trials document safety in pregnancy and long-term follow-up in offspring.”

The graph below from their paper shows an exponential increase in maternal and fetal adverse events for the Covid-19 jabs when compared to influenza vaccines.

Dr Thorpe has had the humility to contact two individuals he previously demeaned and were trying to alert the world to the dangers of certain vaccines. They are Dr Andrew Wakefield, who has been much maligned for his attempt to expose the relationship of the Mumps-Measles-Rubella vaccines to autism. The other individual is Robert Kennedy Jr., who has been outspoken about the dangers of vaccines, especially in children. Dr Thorpe has apologized to both.

Another paper cited by Dr Thorpe and others is the detection of mRNA in breast milk. What’s preposterous is that the CDC still recommends that pregnant and breastfeeding mothers get the Covid-19 jabs. Where is erring on the side of caution?

Detection of Messenger RNA COVID-19 Vaccines in Human Breast Milk

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends offering the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to breastfeeding individuals, although the possible passage of vaccine mRNAs in breast milk resulting in infants’ exposure at younger than 6 months was not investigated.”

What were the results?

“Of 11 lactating individuals enrolled, trace amounts of BNT162b2 and mRNA-1273 COVID-19 mRNA vaccines were detected in 7 samples from 5 participants at various times up to 45 hours postvaccination.”

So here we are, approaching three years since the outbreak of Covid, and yet, only a handful of doctors have taken the bull by the horn and spoken out, no matter the cost. Imagine if many more doctors had effectively used the grey matter inside their skull; how much better off we would have been. Imagine if the ineffective “vaccines” had been stopped a year ago. Many more lives would have been saved.