Greece broadcasts S.O.S.

We all know that Greece was the country that gave birth to Democracy and the one that laid the foundations of justice and civilization that developed over the centuries on our planet.!
Today, in the country of Plato and Aristotle, Democracy simply made up , of parastatal cliques that monitor each other. It is ruled by a government that has trivialized the institution of Justice by manipulating the Judiciary which:

-Voted with Amendment of the Law Provision for Non-Persecution (amnesty) of the members of the scientific committees appointed by government officials.
These members will not be prosecuted or held responsible and for actions and/or proposals instituted during the performance of their duties!

The committees applied legally and constitutionally the following:

  • Fines of 100 euros to greek citizens over
    60 years old who refused to get
    the vaccine exerting economic
    and by extension psychological
    coercion on them!
  • Employees must perform a rapid test
    once a week with their own money
    (sometimes PCR test), while
    in other countries it is free
    and not mandatory!
    If they do not perform the test,
    a 300-euro fine is imposed
    for each violation!!
  • Employers that do not submit a statement
    assuming “responsibility” and providing employees’ health records
    are fined with 2000 euros!!!
    Consequently, companies and employers
    require a mandatory vaccination
    certificate (Covid pass).!!
  • There are suspended health workers
    for over 15 months hostage to the government that receive no salary and without
    the right to work in another job !
    The law stipulates that all Greek citizens
    who are under suspension, including those serving a prison sentence, have the right
    to receive fifty percent of their salary!!
    This government action has led these health workers to economic impoverishment
    and subsequently to financial and social inhalation!!
    In fact, this kind of psychological violence
    led a young health worker to suicide!!
  • Right now, in Greece there are
    3 people on hunger strike for
    the 2nd time requesting the Greek
    government to seize the law on
    mandatory vaccination! withdraw work suspensions of health workers!
    and stop the privatization of
    the country’s public hospitals!

The Greek government stubbornly
refuses without any reason at all
since the pandemic is over!

So many countries around the world
have proclaimed this!
We all know research from countless
studies worldwide, which condemn
Vaccination for the general population !!
since they suggest that NO differences exist
between an unvaccinated person!
and a vaccinated one ! on specific
medical parameters!