Freedom On Our Mind / A Message To The N.W.O – MC Varun

2 songs by a FASA channel member, Varun Das.
Thank you for sharing them with us and inspiring us Varun.
Use your skills base to impact the world!

Lets share Varun’s songs and help them go viral. Music is a powerful tool to impact and awaken sleeping lions….

Freedom On Our mind

A song that celebrates the God given right of Liberty and Freedom. This is a heartfelt tribute to all the Truthers and Patriots who selflessly strive in the Global Resistance against forces that threaten Humanity… The Great Awakening Continues!!

A Message To The N.W.O

A Message to the NWO and A Song Of Freedom, Dedicated to the Whole of Humanity!!

“We hold the line for the whole of mankind!!
We keep selling mirrors in the land of the blind!!
Our mission is divine everything in due time!!
We truthers worldwide,we have freedom on our mind!!
Patriots and truthers worldwide stand up for your freedom!!
It’s now or never,we stronger than ever!!