Free the Children – Save the Nation NPC

Date: Wednesday, 16 February 2022



It is not without reason that there is a saying “the wheels of justice turn exceedingly slowly”.

Nowhere has this been more tragically true than in the matter before the North Gauteng High Court,

namely opposition to the injection of experimental “Covid-19 vaccines” in children between the ages

of 12 to 17 years of age and the trials with experimental “Covid-19 vaccines” in children between

the ages of 6 months to 17 years of age.

Originally launched on 29 October 2021, the applicants diligently followed up progress with a

meeting with Deputy Judge President Ledwaba on 22 November and repeated correspondence

thereafter calling on Deputy Judge President Ledwaba to give urgent directives in the matter. It is

regrettable that, although the applicants’ attorneys have made repeated requests for the matter to

be dealt with urgently, it appears to not have stirred the conscience of the justice system to move

beyond a snail’s pace. This is even more unforgivable given the role, duty and responsibility of the

courts as the upper guardian of children. We shudder at the thought of the justice on the day of

reckoning awaiting those responsible for causing avoidable harm to children and who will have to

give account for their actions or lack thereof.

The deafening silence was finally broken by the arrival of an email, extraordinarily, sent on Sunday

13 February 2022 requesting an urgent meeting with the legal representatives. The legal teams

were summoned to meet with Deputy Judge President Ledwaba on 15 February 2022. One must

wonder what transpired in the previous few days to awaken the Deputy Judge President. Was it by

any chance the drubbing on Friday 11 February 2021 received by the legal team appearing for

SAHPRA in the Minister of Health’s appeal committee hearing?

It bears placing on record that the office of Deputy Judge President Ledwaba and The Registrar of

the North Gauteng High Court on Wednesday 22 January 2021 acknowledged receipt of our

attached letter objecting to the delays occasioned by the inactivity of the judiciary.

Despite the growing evidence of the greater harms than benefits, particularly regarding children,

and previous expressed intent to expedite this matter, it has now been set down for 28th and 29th

April 2022. A case was made by the applicant’s counsel for a full bench of three judges to hear the

matter, but if that will delay the matter then a single judge must hear it. We await notification of

whether this will be the case.

“Conducting medical trials on children in order to test the efficacy and effectiveness of experimental

“Covid-19 vaccines” is not in their best interest,” says John Taylor, Free the Children chief executive,

and is immoral, even if the parents’ consent. “Children have the lowest risk of serious Covid-19

disease. With all variants of the virus, children have had the lowest hospitalisation and mortality

rates globally. There are no scientific, reasonable, or rational reasons for children to be exposed to

the risks associated with vaccines that have not undergone the ordinary scientific and

pharmaceutical processes involved with testing. It is especially important that we now, with the sharp

drop in Covid-19 risks globally, ensure that our children do not pay for our mistakes in rushing

through treatments that have not undergone the necessary level of testing that one would expect

under ordinary circumstances.”

As this is a matter of both local and international significance, we prevail upon Deputy Judge

President Ledwaba to ensure that there are no delays and to ensure the conclusion of this matter in

the interests of the very life, health and wellness of the Children and future of the Nation of South


Free the Children – Save the Nation NPC (“Free the Children”) is a non-profit company acting in the

public interest, focused, in this instance, on protecting the medical and constitutional rights of


Free the Children – Save the Nation

John Taylor