Finding Light Within The Chaos

I’m sure you will agree that the last two years have been a surreal time. I found myself feeling like I was in one of Salvador Dali’s paintings. The insanity of it has left many people lost in a state of fear and uncertainty, where everything we took for granted and normal, seemed to have disappeared overnight. Each person has dealt with this differently, some have thrown themselves into denial, some have barricaded themselves from the world, while others have had to dig deep to find comfort and hope in a refreshed reverence in the beauty which surrounds us or the company of family and friends – while constantly being aware that at any presidential announcement we may lose this too – again.

My innate instinct for self-preservation forced me to turn towards what fuels my very existence: the things that I feel most passionate about that have become the driving force in my everyday life, covid or no covid: my need to find meaning, to leave a legacy.

My unquenchable thirst for  truth has pushed me to seek and research and uncover not only the real facts and statistics but a determination to share truth, allowing people to choose for themselves.

Through it all, I have been privileged to meet the most incredible warriors who have shared their stories of pain, truimph and unquenchable search for what is right. Each of these paths has left me humbled to the core, grateful for the mundaneness of my own being and for respect and reverence for those who stand courageous and strong, fighting for our freedom and that of our children.

I know this holds true for so many of the Freedom Alliance leaders, despite their own struggles, their own fears, continue to serve with passion and enthusiasm. For many of us this is not a job, it is a calling that is as essential to us as the very breadth we require for survival, it offers us hope and light that we can share with our circles. I believe that each of us has the power to create a ripple effect of contagious kindness, courage to stand for change that will allow the healing of the world and so too, each individual, to occur from within rather than expect to find it in the spiralling external. I know each of us on the Freedom Alliance  team has come in with that as part of our vision and our mission.

Stand together, one voice, one globe – for Freedom.
-Dr M.