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The CIA and other intelligence services are behind all terrorist attacks either directly or through the use of agent provocateurs, investigate Operation Gladio, Operation Northwoods, Operation Ajax and the Gulf of Tonkin, they are also behind the AIDS pandemic (watch this VIDEO from fake news mainstream media), remember they have to tell the truth while also repeating their lies ad infinitum, this tehy do for karma and “plausible deniability” = “well, we said that the CIA was behind it”…yes, once!!!), and the Corona pandemic, see Event 201 and ID2020 . It is time for us to change the entire tax system and completely stop taxing people and instead tax corporations, also remove the corporate tax, only small local businesses/companies pay it, all this can be financed with a tax on transfers of money. All digital transfers of money. The criminal multinational corporations and international NGOs cannot operate without transferring money.