Disturbing images reach us of peaceful Chinese protestors

Disturbing images reach us of peaceful Chinese protestors who’re met with violence by the police and people in white jackets. These seem to come straight out of a dystopian SF-movie and remind us of images we normally only see in Europe, where police cracked down on peaceful civilians with an average age of 50. Nobody expected this in China.

The comparison is a joke of course, but some things are very similar to the time when protests were almost forbidden here. Belgium e.g. limited demos to 50, despite the right being protected by the constitution. Omicron is portrayed as a serious threat/deadly virus, while in reality, even the hard-core experts in the West now admit it’s not.

China implemented a “zero-covid” policy, including very harsh measures and lockdowns, since the virus “returned” after the country “got rid of the virus” according to their gov.

The strange thing is, our mainstream media seem to use the official information of China when it comes to covid and covid infections. But at first, China denied covid even existed, which was a lie according to the same media.

70% of the savings of Chinese families are put into real estate. Many also borrow a lot of money. But because there simply isn’t enough space, much is invested in real estate that doesn’t exist in companies who promise it’ll be built in the future. However, it’s impossible to deliver.

Soon people started to realize, their savings were gone. For many, it was all they had. In a desperate act, people stopped paying their mortgages despite the consequences. Soon this action spread and hundreds of thousands participated.

The Chinese gov faced total collapse of the economy when the bubble would finally burst and feared for its survival.

Is it a coincidence that this crisis and the “return of covid” in China come at the same time? How can a “very contagious” virus be completely gone in such a large country? Whatever it is, we don’t expect them to tell the truth, and it’s very convenient to be able to put large areas into lockdown.