COVID-19 vaccines and the ‘Great Reset


… and the President is falling behind in terms of his sales targets

by Gerhard Papenfus

They attempt to create the appearance that they are winning, but they are not; they are panicking.
Despite the fact that the Covid-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission or infection, and both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated can spread the virus and become infected, the benefactors of the Covid-19 project, instead of backing down in the face of evidence that the vaccines do not meet the objective for which it was designed, are increasing the pressure.
Only 49% of South Africans have received the first vaccine dose, 45% the second dose and anywhere between 5 and 15% a booster. South Africans got over the health scare and have lost interest in the Covid-19 project.
The drivers of the project are feeling the pinch:there are sales agreements with pharmaceutical bullies which need to be honoured;there is the Great Reset/WEF Agenda 2030 (also known as ‘betraying your own people’ agenda – in which Covid-19 and the vaccine drive play a fundamental part) which needs to be honoured;there is a vaccine plant in Cape Town which needs to be saved – and that can only be done with increased vaccine sales; andthere are ‘commissions’ to be earned; huge rewards for promoting the globalist agenda. Unlike their under performance in every other aspect for which they are responsible, they tackle this challenge with an eagerness never seen before:the President has approached various African leaders to start purchasing their vaccines from this plant;a comprehensive ‘stakeholder engagement plan’ to increase vaccine sales was recently introduced;regulations were introduced to mandate vaccination in the workplace;those who refused to subject themselves to the ludicrous vaccination arrangement are excluded from certain elements of public life; andthe poor and needy are wooed into vaccination by means of monetary incentives and reward programs. 
All the medical ethical rules in terms of ‘informed consent’ are breached in the process, which is entirely unethical, but it is a true reflection of the moral bankruptcy of those who drive the Covid-19 agenda.
This behaviour is typical of the defeated; people trying to sell a poor product, salesmen with a bad reputation; and that cannot be salvaged, not anymore.
In order to save any credibility, the only thing they can do is to abandon the ‘project’, but that, we all know, is not an option, at least not for them.

Gerhard Papenfus is the Chief Executive of the National Employers’ Association of South Africa (NEASA).