Calling All Capetonians

I’ve never been one to be very active on social media. Facebook I used for a season to connect with old mates from along my life’s journey and old rugby mates from my younger years and occasionally I would post something that lay on my heart whilst the senseless arguments over covid that achieved nothing were my final curtain on Facebook involvement, an evil tool dressed in an angels attire.

This is a post that I posted before the Easter weekend of 2018:
“We live in a time when Rabbis talk of Trump ushering in the Messianic era and the building of the 3rd temple, Christian leaders talk of the return of the messiah and Muslims of the coming of the final imam, whilst in the forefront world leaders edge towards world confrontation.
A confrontation that Einstein remarked of: ‘I know not what weapons WWIII will be fought with, but WWIV will be fought with sticks and stones.’
May we embrace the day in its real relevance, free of pagan traditional, and the times we live in with wisdom and discernment of the problems that lie ahead and the solutions that will be offered by leaders on the world stage and those that will present themselves in the years to come. The path of least resistance is not always the correct one.
Buona Pasqua and a blessed Pesach to all my friends and family”

Now more than ever, people of faith across the world understand that the times we live in are being influenced from beyond our five sense reality and that there is a war far deeper than that which meets the eye at play, one that from the one side, does not have our best interests at heart, a battle not only in the physical but in the spiritual realms, a battle for our souls.
As we move forward into the challenges that lie ahead ,from the heath act amendments they are attempting to bulldoze through, to the global reset and the introduction of the one world electronic currency and the final chapter of the introduction to the new world order system as encapsulated in Agenda 2030,the false flag events and planned military confrontations ,and all the problems that will come as a consequence of these and other global problems on our horizon we need to be strong in our faith to endure the darkness and be the light.

As we celebrate one of the most important moments of remembrance this weekend on the global religious calendar across all religions, remember that faith can move mountains and even defy death – I am a living testimony to that.
Stay focused, stay rooted and acknowledge our creator in all things. Now more than in 2018 the times I alluded to are not on our doorstep, but have entered into our house.
Remember the victory has been won, the battles and skirmishes we face ahead ,whether lost or won, will not and cannot change the final outcome that was won and sealed at calvary.

Paolo, 20/04/2022