British Doctor Reckons South African Court Could Strike Major Blow Against Covid Vaccines

British cardiologist Aseem Malhotra recently spent several weeks in South Africa. He gave a number of presentations on the dubious effectiveness and abnormally high risks of Covid vaccines, and consulted with local doctors, lawmakers and vaccine sceptics. The Londoner also seems to have helped inspire a legal bid that he believes may strike a heavy blow to vaccines.

“No retreat, no surrender,” tweeted Malhotra. “New Pfizer bombshell lawsuit could change everything in South Africa and then all over the world.” He was referring to an action in the Pretoria High Court.

New Zealand’s Daily Telegraph has the story.

Once a proponent of the products, double-jabbed Malhotra lost his father to a heart condition shortly after his booster, and has since changed his stance on the mRNA gene therapy.

The case is an application for judicial review of Pfizer’s mRNA products, which are argued to be ‘unsafe and ineffective.’

In a press released Freedom Alliance South Africa (FASA), who are the plaintiffs, are seeking a court order to set aside the government’s authorisation of Pfizer’s jab, stating:

‘In addition to setting out the facts showing an unprecedented rise in vaccine injuries, the papers cite new real-world data analysis which reveals an association with increasing deaths from both COVID and non-COVID causes in the vaccinated compared to the unvaccinated. Six month data of Pfizer’s own randomised controlled trial revealed an almost 50% increase in death from any cause in the vaccinated (20 deaths) versus unvaccinated (14 deaths).

‘Global data is showing alarming signals and correlations between the administration of Pfizer’s COVID mRNA vaccine products and the unprecedented rise in serious adverse reactions in patients, including disability, foetal abnormalities, aggressive cancers and death. As the global medical community increasingly becomes aware of the problem, the FASA has taken on the government and the medicines regulator SAHPRA, to safeguard public health.

‘…While it has arguably been possible to suppress and distort facts in the public narrative either for or against the vaccines, that will not be possible before our courts.’

Prominent South African neurosurgeon Dr. Herman Edeling is one of the experts witnesses in the case. In his affidavit in support of the application Edeling said, ‘These papers prove that the Comirnaty vaccine cannot, and should never have been branded as ‘safe and effective. The applications set out clear evidence that Pfizer’s vaccine trial for Comirnaty appears to have been a whitewash – mired by what appears to be substantial data manipulation, data inaccuracies, and inaccurate statements of outcome.’

Worth reading in full.