Authority or Evidence

Discovery v NEASA

Discovery made claims in public re C-19 jabs, without providing evidence to prove their claims. NEASA invited Discovery to engage in public debate. Discovery refused. NEASA sent Discovery a set of written questions seeking evidence for Discovery’s claims. Discovery’s written answers relied on authority rather than evidence. NEASA again asked Discovery to provide proper answers with evidence in writing and/or to engage in public debate. Discovery refused to engage any further. NEASA then sat down with experts to examine the evidence.

Please see 👇:-
A – Trail of correspondence.
B – Series of concise video recorded interviews examining the evidence.

Trail of correspondence


Series of concise video recorded interviews examining the evidence.

Part 1/8 COVID-19: Origin of the discussion. | The Controversy Continues

Part 3/8 COVID-19: Were SA citizens able to give informed consent? | The Controversy Continues

Part 5/8 mRNA/DNA Vaccines vs Childhood Vaccines. | The Controversy Continues

Part 7/8 The status of the ‘vaccine’. | The Controversy Continues

Part 2/8 COVID-19: Untrustworthy messages from the authorities. | The Controversy Continues

Part 4/8 Vaccines as a Covid mitigation measure. | The Controversy Continues

Part 6/8 COVID-19: Dismissing different views. | The Controversy Continues

Part 8/8 ‘Vaccine’ hesitancy and the use of mandates to overcome it. | The Controversy Continues