An URGENT COMMUNICATION REQUIRING ACTION: this has been requested by ACDP within Parliament, please take note.

As discussed and agreed with Roger there has been a call for urgent Individual objections from ALL South Africans for the following government intention. The government is wanting to transfer the Command Council covid 19 rules as an amendment to be legislated per verbatim in to law. By doing this it would mean that the government would be able to activate these emergency rules and impose them on the Citizens of South Africa at any time in the future. This would then allow the government with impunity to activate thus bringing a draconian situation to the rule of law. We need urgently individual written objection within 24 to 48 hours for this to be stopped. The Website address is: They are looking for 1 million responses. So every written response counts, we as believers cannot sit on the sidelines, we must activate. Please also send out as far and as wide as you can which will assist greatly with our collective stance. We see this as a watershed moment in our freedom of belief as Christians.

Clr Sithole ACDP whip JHB